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The Clever Markets technical analysis academy is specifically designed for busy energy traders. Classic technical concepts were updated and modified to be relevant for the energy industry. We go beyond the standard teachings that are so common in the technical field.

In this academy you get the practice that is required to make technical analysis work for your particular trading requirements. All lectures are translated into action for maximum impact on your trading performance.

We are the industry’s only educator to have it all: in-depths lectures, weekly practice tutorials, quizzes, assignments, unlimited analyst access, cheat sheets, dashboard access and much more.



  • Duration 30 September -1 November 2024
  • Lectures Mondays and Tuesdays
  • 10:00- 11:30 CET
  • Group tutorials (case studies) Thursdays
  • 30 minutes
  • Application Deadline 20 September 2024
  • Intake limit 15 students


Designed for both beginners and seasoned traders, this syllabus aims to enhance your trading skills through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing participants for the challenges and opportunities in the energy markets.

  1. 1Theory and Context
  2. 2Strategy and Risk
  3. 3Market Structure
  4. 4Charting Types
  5. 5Large Patterns
  6. 6Candle Patterns
  7. 7Trend Tools
  8. 8Momentum Tools
  9. 9Oscillators
  10. 10Volume, OI, Volatility

Bonus Perks


Weekly quizzes and assignments


Lecture recordings available for duration of academy


Ad-hoc lecturer access to answer all your questions


Handouts for easy memorisation


All slide decks provided to take home


Complementary access to Clever Markets dashboard


Literature and software recommendations


Trade journal template


Per student US$ 5,000
Teams Contact us for team rates

Who should attend

Applicants are busy professionals in the energy sector who are committed to making better trading decisions. The course is suitable for speculative as well as physical traders. This includes portfolio and hedge fund managers, CTAs, procurement managers, fleet optimisers, LNG traders, utilities, producers and many more.

The academy is equally suited for absolute beginners, as well as more advanced practitioners of technical analysis who wish to fill their knowledge gaps.

Individual retail traders with no industry affiliation may apply but will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to industry peers.

Lecturer Bio

The academy is hosted by Marcello Kolax, managing director at Clever Markets. He is a seasoned expert in the energy industry, both with a fundamental and technical background. Marcello is a certified technician who has committed his career to the field of energy commodities and technical analysis.

Marcello is a regular guest lecturer at universities where he introduces portfolio management students to the field of technical analysis. He also hosts regular webinars for the London Stock Exchange. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


Marcello Kolax, Managing Director, Clever Markets