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for energy traders

We are the technical analysis department you can get with a subscription.

Generate and protect trading profits without the overhead.

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TA Desk

Get your dedicated remote Clever Markets analyst.

Multi-timeframe analysis before the markets open.

Put a price on the supply and demand balance.

Identify sentiment shifts and new trends early.

Plan trades precisely to generate and protect profits.

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Technical Analysis

Gain a decade of experience within weeks.

Implement what you learn in live tutorials.

Learn to identify high-probability trades with precision.

Start seeing what your counterparties are seeing.

Develop strategies to generate and protect profits.

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A new era

The price of energy commodities has decoupled from its intrinsic value over the past years. Once-in-a-lifetime events seem to happen every other month. Prices can be ‘unreasonable’ for longer than traders can stay in a position. It is now more important than ever to identify trading opportunities early and exit bad trades even earlier.

Identify sentiment shifts early.

Determine if the trend is correcting or reversing.

Know when the trend has changed.

Understand how far the price can go after a news event.

Plan trades with accuracy.

ADAPT or go extinct

Global financial players have entered European energy markets and brought with them their technical expertise. Established legacy players in Europe are now competing with quants, CTAs and technical analysts from around the world.

Clever Markets is ISO 9001 audited to guarantee customer satisfaction and quality management.
4.8 / 5

Average Customer Rating Across All Services in 2023


For Speculative Traders

Clever Markets helps speculative traders identify short-, medium- and long-term trends. Precise entry and exit planning enhances our clients’ risk management on a trade-by-trade basis.


For Physical Traders and hedgers


Get the best price within your purchasing window. Our procurement clients and hedgers act with confidence. They know the differentiate between temporary price corrections and full trend reversals.

Catch of a trend

For Analysts

Super-charge your fundamental models with precise triggers and targets. Know where the price can go when the supply and demand balance shifts. Share trade ideas with your team.


For Everyone

Clever Markets helps with trend identification, trade planning and risk management. Uncover what other market participants are seeing and act proactively, not reactively.


We provide the insights equal to a team of in-house price strategists – on a subscription.

We train your team in technical analysis, provide the daily analytics, offer unlimited analyst access, and host your weekly scrum call.

Our two core services are the remote TA desk and our technical analysis academy.


Clients are either actively participating in the global energy markets, wish to gain exposure, or simply need to monitor price developments.

This includes trading houses, hedge funds, portfolio managers, procurement departments, producers, LNG players, and even family offices. Clients are predominantly based in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our services perfectly complement our clients’ existing fundamental expertise who leverage Clever Markets for precise market timing.

We are also cooperating with exchanges, industry bodies and universities. Contact us for partnerships.

Please note that Clever Markets services may only be distributed to professional clients within the industry. In unique circumstances, we may consider applications from retail traders on a case-by-case basis.

Frequently Asked Question

Clever Markets is a boutique technical analysis research firm and education provider. The firm exclusively focuses on energy commodities. Clever Markets Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2023 and is based in Singapore.

We offer two services:

1: Remote TA Desk: We are the industry’s first remote technical analysis desk you can get on a subscription. Get the capabilities equal to a team of in-house strategists – for the fraction of the cost, zero effort, instantly.

2: Technical Analysis Academy: We offer the energy industry’s most-comprehensive hands-on technical analysis academy.

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Clever Markets has only been around since September 2023, and it is already an industry unicorn in many ways. We are the price research firm that has it all:

• The energy industry’s earliest provider of daily technical analysis – 7am CET.
• TAd-hoc analyst access to their clients.
• Weekly market update calls.
• Multi-timeframe analysis.
• A dedicated dashboard.
• Customer satisfaction and quality management guaranteed through an annual ISO 9001 audit.
• We do not hide behind ambiguity. We have clear opinions on market developments and explain in detail how we come to our conclusions.
• Our analysis is actionable and forward looking.
• A lot of pro-bono work. This includes university guest lectures, 1-on-1 sessions, industry talks and webinars. Also check out our free resources. That’s our way of helping the industry.

Clever Markets is for energy commodity professionals who need to generate and protect profits in any market conditions.

We mostly serve trading houses, utilities, hedge funds, family offices, portfolio managers and LNG players. We help both, physical and speculative trading desks.

We give our clients access to technical analysis capabilities without the heavy investment in manpower, time, and attention.

Clever Markets is not a newsletter publisher. We are your remote technical analysis desk that gives you unprecedented access to qualified technicians.

It’s like adding your own in-house price strategy desk without the heavy investment in manpower, time, and attention.

We will train your team, provide the daily analytics, offer ad-hoc analyst access, and host your weekly scrum call.

Book a meeting when your team is ready to go beyond the one-sided analysis of a generic newsletter.

You don’t have to add technical analysis if you are already a stellar trading desk. If, however, you are serious about improving your current PnL then consider adding technical analysis.

Technical and fundamental analysis work fantastic on their own. But best results are produced when the two are combined into a coherent system.

Fundamental analysis is used to establish the broad market direction. Technical analysis is then overlayed for:

• Target setting: Understand how far fundamental developments can move price.
• Sentiment identification: Determine if the market is correcting or reversing.
• Trend spotting: Spot sentiment shifts early.
• Trade planning: Find the best possible entry and exit point in any market.
• Risk management: Know when the market moves against your fundamental analysis.

Check out our free resources to understand how technical analysis can supplement your existing fundamental models.

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Clever Markets cuts through complexity with independent clarity.