About Us

We only do one thing, and we do it well. Technical analysis for European energy markets.

About Us
We address energy traders’ unmet need for bespoke analytics that makes an actual difference to their trading performance. We are an industry trail blazer in many ways.
  • Clever Markets is the only research firm for European energy commodities that gives daily 1-on-1 access to a certified technical analyst.
  • We are the only provider that hosts its own platform – meaning you can access our services from anywhere.
  • Nobody publishes a daily research note earlier than we do – 7am CET.
It pays to be an early adopter

Early adopters of Clever Markets are carefully selected for limited intake. Register your interest and we get back to you within a day to discuss if we are the right fit for each other.

Pro-Bono Work

We are actively engaged in raising the next generation of market analysts. We host seminars in cooperation with tertiary educators, private clubs, and industry associations. It is our mission to educate future traders on the importance of technical analysis.

Corporate Training

Clever Markets hosts bespoke TA courses specifically tailored for energy commodities. It is also the industry’s most-hands-on course on technical analysis in general. Please note that course participation is reserved for qualified students who have a professional affiliation with the industry.

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Our Core Values


The Clever Markets proprietary methodology is applied across all markets for consistent results. We capture up to 94% of a trend. We constantly work on improving this edge.


We are fully transparent in our decision making. Clients can always critically examine our underlying assumptions and derive their own conclusions.


Our analysts are seasoned industry experts but there is always more to learn. We are committed to our ongoing education and share new insights with our clients.


It is not enough to simply distribute our insights. We make sure that everything we offer is understood, relevant, and actionable for our clients.

We measure our success in two ways. Your improved trading performance, and your team’s correct implementation of technical analysis.

European energy markets


The price of energy commodities has decoupled from its intrinsic value over the past years. Once-in-a-lifetime events seem to happen every other month. Prices can be ‘unreasonable’ for longer than traders can stay in a position. It is now more important than ever to keep a cool head in an uncertain world.

Global financial players from Asia and the US have entered European energy markets and brought with them their technical expertise. Established legacy players in Europe are now competing with quants and technical analysts from around the world.


Technical analysis has slowly become the preferred method to understand and trade European energy. It is the basis for risk management, systematic, and algorithmic trading, and the standard for financial markets in general.

It helps formulate timely and objective trading strategies without getting overwhelmed by erratic price moves and market noise.


The Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) has evolved into the most-liquid gas market in Europe and is now the continent’s reference point. The TTF is also emerging as the global benchmark for LNG trade, side-by-side with the US Henry Hub and the Asian JKM/EAX.

It is now more important than ever for American and Asian energy players to observe, understand, and predict future price moves of European energy commodities. Gas, power, coal, emissions, crude oil, LNG and currencies are all delicately linked. Only a superior understanding of their interplay will yield satisfactory trading results.

We are not just an analytics provider. We are your trusted trading partner.
Clever Markets provides price direction clarity in an uncertain world.

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