About Us

We only do one thing, and we do it well. Technical analysis for European energy markets.

About Us

We are an industry trail
in many ways

Clever Markets is the only research firm of its kind that gives daily 1-on-1 access to a certified technical analyst

Nobody publishes a daily research note earlier than we do – 7 a.m. CET

We are the only service that covers 15min, daily and weekly charts

We are the only provider that offers weekly internal scrum calls for your team

Access our services from anywhere! We are the only providert hat hosts its own platform

We are the energy industry’s only technical firm that is ISO 9001 certified – guaranteeing high quality content and customer satisfaction

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We are actively engaged in raising the next generation of market analysts. We host seminars and
lectures in cooperation with tertiary educators, private clubs, and industry associations.
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Our core


Hedge funds, family offices, portfolio players and trading firms from around the world have entered global energy markets. The landscape has changed and there is no going back. It is our mission to ensure that no trading desk is left behind.

Our understanding of the market is simple. If you identify with it then we might be a good fit.

  • We at Clever Markets believe that energy markets move due to perceived shifts in the supply and demand balance.
  • We believe that price is the ultimate truth – it contains every analysis, bias and emotion.
  • We believe that market players have two methods available to make sense of those market shifts: technical and fundamental analysis.
  • We believe that both methods can be useful on their own. But best results are usually produced when the two distinct methods are combined.
  • Technical analysis helps with three core areas of trading: trend identification, trade planning and risk management.
  • Good traders don’t limit themselves to one type of analysis. Good traders educate themselves. Good traders are always hunting for an edge.

A Man
on a mission

It Starts
With One

Clever Markets Pte. Ltd. was founded by Marcello Kolax to make institution-grade systematic trading available to everyone in the energy industry.

Until the company grows to its next stage, Marcello is the principal analyst, managing director and head lecturer, all wrapped in one!


Marcello is also a guest speaker at industry events and has taught hundreds of traders in pro-bono 1-on-1 sessions and free webinars.

On a

He is a guest lecturer at a number of Singaporean universities where he introduces the next generation of portfolio managers to technical analysis.


Marcello is a seasoned expert in the energy industry with a decade-long background in both, fundamental and technical analysis.

We are not just an analytics provider.
We are your trusted trading partner.