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  1. Default Which online stock broker is first choice?

    Hi friends, can you guys suggest me that which online stock brokerage firm I should choose. Currently I am thinking one of the following two

    1- Scottrade
    2- TD Ameritrade

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    $7 for trade commissions is really expensive. This list from Finviz is by no means a complete list but it's a good start.

    Light Speed and Interactive Brokers are in my opinion the better brokers from this list.

    Make sure you do all the research you can, get the demo versions of the platforms of the ones you like the best and decide from there.

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    So which trader most of the people are using. Please share your experience

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    I use Scottrade because it has great customer service $7 trades and free trades for referals plus a great platform for trading.

    But I heard TD Ameritrade is using think or swim as thier platform which makes them appealing if you don't have your own trading software.



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