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  1. Default Higher Maintenance Requirement

    Why do brokers charge more for these trades?

    Additional 15% Ex: ASTI, JSDA, FSLR, HOKU, RACK, ICE, SWAT to name a few

    I see somewhat of a connection in those stocks, but can't pin point it

  2. Default

    And DNDN...additional 40%!!!

    Oh, and CFHI, FICC & NEWC...100%

  3. Default


    Investopedia is your friend; use it.

  4. Default

    High beta = High Margin Maintainance requirement
    It takes the risk away from the broker.

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    Ya, your right. Didn't think of that place (even though it's in the favorites).
    But I like to read it from you guys....you'all explain it better

    Thanks for the response though....



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