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  1. Default bwow(nasdaq)....attention attention.....strong buy now

    you want money?.......... buy bwow now....market cap only 2,8 milion dollars last price 0.33$..market nasdaq....you not belive me ok not problem wait and see

  2. Default

    no I not believe you, I wait and see. I don't want any pesos. Besides its one of those Chinese companies that no one knows whether or not to believe anything they claim.

    13 trades today, all of them within 11 minutes of open, hasn't traded since. Bid ask spread is pretty big too. Yeah this ran last July, and has had a few dead cat bounces in-between, but what is going to make it go up again?

  3. Default

    Sorry being a smart ass. But come on man, really thats all you can come up with? No company info or chart setup, just a 'you want money' 'buy bwow' LOL. Good luck pumping this low priced nasdaq.

    Come on guys play whats moving. I'm assuming you missed CNEP, AMPE, EWRL, BZRT, AMRS, DIMI etc.



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