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  1. Default [Questions] Best Trading Platform/Software

    I am starting to implement my strategies into an indicator type in some trading platform and perform some backtests as well
    I am using MT4 currently but it doesn't seem to be so good (MACD is WRONG!) and lack of data (below post)
    Ninja trader seems to have a lot of bugs as well


    Can you recommend what I should use (any other options other than those 2 as well)? Any experience that you have as well on this? Thanks a milions

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    You can find replacements for MACD for MT4. There's one posted somewhere inside of Forex Military School.

    Personally, I'm hoping to find an alternative platform to MT4 that's as easy to use and that supports creation of custom indicators and autotrading.

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    same here, I haven't found an MT4 charting substitute.
    MT4's got a lot of bells and whistles and is user-friendly.

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    Hey dyd, I still think MT4 is easy and good to use. You can easily download true MACDs and install it in custom indicators within MT4



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