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  1. Default SPAG: 6 Billion gold reserve could make it fly!

    Please put SPAG on the top of your watch list for Wednesday morning. This is a very rare find on gold play that could be sky rocketed due to flow float. This stock appears to be huge profit opportunity for traders. This is an extremely rare find!

    Buying physical gold is for China and suckers to lock in really big gains and you should consider Spartan Gold (SPAG.OB) immediately.

    SPAG is a junior gold exploration and mining company with gold exploration and development activity centered in both the Carlin-Rain and Round Mountain-Northumberland Gold Trends in Nevada. It is true that right now gold stocks are a better bet than bullion. And there might be no better leveraged gold stock than Spartan Gold.

    Projected revenues for SPAG will grow from $3.6 Million in 2011 to $41.3 Million in 2015! If you don't have your calculator handy that is an 11-fold increase in revenues. And if there is one thing bullion investors love it is rising revenues and falling debt.

    Estimated probable gold reserves of a whopping 4.1 Million ounces! Do the math and you find that SPAG has estimated probable gold reserves of $6 BILLION! That is at today's price of $1,542 per ounce. If gold rises to $3,000 per ounce; than this start-up will start to resemble a gold mammoth with gold assets worth more than $12 billion.

    That is a bonanza bigger than what the Forty-niners had in 1849!

    What separates SPAG is that unlike most start-up gold exploration companies, Spartan has its financing in place for the development of its rich tracks of property.

    Last year Hong Kong-Based RCG Holdings to Take 6.10% Equity Stake in Spartan Gold for $6.5 Million. RCG has agreed to provide SPAG with its biometric technology, a move which will help Spartan on its march towards big profits. RGC of Hong Kong is a proven winner. What they see in Spartan are some overpowering fundamentals which include:

    Arizona based exploration and development with talented individuals whose sole focusing on the acquisition and early development on precious metal projects.

    The commercialization of three important projects, two in Nevada and one in Alabama.

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    The Poker Flats prospects are located in the super-prolific Carlin-Rain Gold Trends of Nevada.

    With a reach of more than 3,600 acres, this prospect is expected to hold over 1 million ounces of gold reserves.

    Spartan Gold expanded its holdings in Nevada, by acquiring the 6,800 acre Ziggurat Project, located in the Round Mountain-Northumberland Gold Trends in Nevada. Management estimates that this property should hold upwards of 3 million ounces of gold deposits.

    SPAG's Alabama property is 320-acres prospect located in Cleburne County, Alabama where it expects to mine over 131,000 ounces of gold.

    Competitive advantage due to the experience of its management team in precious metal industry.

    Attractive market dynamics for gold and silver industries. Heightened demand should move the prices of precious metals upwards now and in the intermediate future.

    Rising gold demand out of China and India.

    Declining gold discoveries, especially for senior gold exploration companies which makes companies like Spartan Gold (SPAG.OB) all the more attractive.

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    A continuing decline in the value of the U.S. dollar and the need by individuals, institutions and even countries to diversify out of dollar instruments.

    Record low bond yields. Currently 3-month Treasury Bills yield less than 1 percent so the opportunity costs in owning shares in companies like Spartan Gold have never been lower.

    Rarely is there a better time to buy junior gold companies than right now. The index of gold stocks has been lagging the rising price of bullion. In the weeks and months ahead gold stocks should start to climb and not only close the gab with bullion, but even sell at a premium over physical gold.

    This presents a perfect profit opportunity for investors and there is no better vehicle to garner those profits than with SPAG.

    It is unlikely that SPAG will stay at these low prices for long. The world is hungry for gold and Spartan Gold is going to help fill that appetite.

    Veteran gold investors believe that Gold has much higher to go before it peaks out; that it will top $4,000 or even $5,000 per ounce!

    Independent research has recently revealed that the gold -- even though it is trading near record highs of $1,500 per ounce -- is exactly where it was in 1977. That was the year gold was at $300 per ounce and on its way to $850 per ounce by early 1980.

    An avalanche of money will send gold higher and junior gold stocks straight through the stratosphere!

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    Compared to fiat money there is less gold now than ever. All the gold ever mined in the world fits in less than one tennis court cubed and has a total value of roughly $2 trillion. All that gold is roughly worth the freshly printed money that President Barack Obama provided big banks, automakers and the quantitative easing program by the Federal Reserve.

    Miners are adding less than 2 percent to the world's above-ground gold supply annually, while monetary numbers like M2 or MZM (the super money that the Fed lends to the banks which in turn is lent out in multiples) has been growing at near double-digit rates.

    The truth is that when gold prices rise and gold stocks don't immediately follow, the ratio rises. When gold prices fall or stay flat and gold stocks have �caught up,' the ratio falls. At this moment in time, the ratio is at its highest point since April 2009. That means now is the time to buy gold stocks.�

    Gold stocks historically provide leverage!

    Gold stocks walk a line of stairs. They move up suddenly, flatten out or correct, then jump again, and over and over again. It's typical action for any bull market. It is because of this trend that most of the money made in gold stocks happens during a few brief periods.

    “Perhaps more important, physical gold has been hogging the limelight. For investors who believe that the U.S. dollar will continue to sink, inflation will soar and the global economy will go down the tubes, gold producers are an unnecessary middleman to gold itself. The rise of gold exchange-traded funds has given
    these investors an easy way to make this bet,” stated The Globe & Mail.

    Again, technical analysis shows across SPAG very BULLISH the board and signs of a new rally. Be ready to catch this new rally in the morning!

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    Hello friend! sorry am really new to this so can you explain this concept in detail?
    Thank you!



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