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    One of the commodities I watch is Oil. After a long time charting POO I have become quite bearish on the long term outlook watching my charts.
    Many, many years ago I had been told of Peak Oil and how it will send the oil price to the moon....my B/S meter nearly blew off the Richter scale with that info! It felt like a long term pump and dump story.
    Now they are talking about 'Peak Oil Demand' this seems a rational view to me.

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    I don't normally have much to do with commodities but I had a bit of a squiz at your oil. I was thinking that if you watch the POO, then maybe you could make some money off it as well. The Heikin Ashi chart gives a much better view of things and coupled with another indicator of your choice , could be worth a trade or two. There is an ETF (OOO) on the ASX which tracks the POO and ETFs are easily traded despite some seemingly low volumes.
    Anyway, just a thought & maybe something to think about. Cheers

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    G'day Rockon, welcome and thank you very much for joining the thread and the chart. I do watch the ETFs as they have all the indicators such as the MACD, volume, money flow, momentum and all the other indicators I like to watch on occasion.
    I tend to stay with stocks as they pay a dividend, most ETFs are purely a price play, which is fine if that is your style.(although a few spiders pay divies).

    There are a few stocks I am watching at the moment I am just waiting for a bit of capital to build up. I like to go in with a minimum of $10,000 per trade,I have a list of stocks I want into which look pretty darn tasty at the moment!

    I do like the $USD ETF as that saves a ship load of physical cash holding and exchange rates.
    I intend to start a thread purely for ETFs as they rock in my opinion. Although I tend to think a few might fall over in time.

    Cheers Ann

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    I don't look at too much at all these days. Spent a lot of time checking out ICs vast array of non-mainstream indicators and finally stumbled onto two that work extremely well on ASX bull & bear ETFs (but little else lol). Basically trading the market swings long and short and have moved up to GEAR and BBOZ for the leverage. Aim is to beat annual bank interest on a weekly basis when active and so far so good. Plenty less stress as well so don't even trade or have a looksee some weeks. Good luck with your own trading. Cheers.

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    Interesting ETFs, have never looked at these particular ones before. It looks like it is time to be out of GEAR and into BBOZ. I am guessing that is how you move your capital around.

    Thank you for these I am going to look into then more closely. I think it is time to set up that ETF section. Need to find a catchy heading!

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