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  1. Default Who is the better composer, John Williams or Hanz Zimmer

    These are two of the most iconic movie composers in history. But who is better? Who do you prefer? Here are a couple clips to refresh your memory on their works.
    John Williams

    John is responsible for classics like the Superman theme

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    Hanz ZImmer is probably lesser known by name, but his works are well known. He is responsible for The Dark Knight's score (and interestingly enough, MoS' music as well)

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    John Williams will make something epic and memorable.
    Hans Zimmer will make jump out of your seat to cheer, or reach into your soul to make you cry.

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    I mean John has the benefit of working with one of the best directors of all time at a regular basis, so his works are definitely going to be more memorable cause the movies they are in are more memorable

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    I used to think John Williams was way better. But listening to Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean scores. It's closer than I once thought. Still I'm gonna have to go with John Williams due to Star Wars. But if we where just comparing the most recent stuff I know of from both of them than I would go with Zimmer.



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