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  1. Default Stevia Nutra Corp (STNT) Reports Successful First Growing Season in Cambodia

    Stevia Nutra Corp (STNT) Reports Successful First Growing Season in Cambodia
    Stevia Nutra Corporation (STNT)– (The Company), an Agro-Management company focused on stevia agronomics, is pleased to report on the successful completion of an exceptional initial growing season at the Company’s Stevia Propagation Centre (SPC) in Cambodia. The first harvest of high quality stevia leaves has commenced and samples have been prepared for third-party, independent testing to determine levels of Reb ‘A’ and Glycosides (total steviol glycosides – TSG). This measure of ‘sweetness’ content is a key determinant to the commercial viability of a stevia crop.

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    Stevia Nutra’s Chief Agronomist, Dr. Ahmed El Sheikh, noted that, “The ideal growing conditions here in Cambodia combined with our choice of seed variety and rigorous agronomy protocols have proven to be very effective. The stevia plants are thriving with better than expected growth and we are optimistic that initial leaf testing will yield positive results.”
    Leaf samples have been sent to the prestigious ‘Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ in Beijing, the highest authority for stevia testing in China. “China’s expertise in stevia cultivation and refining is well established. This will be the first testing of our stevia leaf and we are eager for test results from this respected institution," Dr. El Sheikh further commented.

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    “I am extremely encouraged with the results of our initial growing season,” noted Stevia Nutra’s President, Brian Dicks. “The combined efforts of Dr. El Sheikh, his team and our local partner, Ecologica Co. Ltd., have resulted in our establishing a thriving stevia propagation operation. Matching climate, soils, nutrients and cultivation practices with a robust and productive seed variety is a challenging exercise and our team has delivered.” Dicks further noted, “Our location in Kampong Speu Province, located forty-five minutes from Phnom Penh, has proven to be an excellent site for our agronomy operations and validates our selection of Cambodia as Stevia Nutra’s home in SE Asia.”

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    Dr. Hilary Rodrigues, CEO also extended his congratulations to the Cambodia team. “It is gratifying to see their efforts and dedication come to fruition on schedule and on budget. We can now move forward to the next phase of development with confidence after having successfully managed and completed this most challenging initial development phase.”
    About Us
    Stevia Nutra: Stevia Nutra is an Agro-Management company focused on stevia agronomics which includes plant breeding, proprietary agricultural practices and post-harvest techniques. Stevia Nutra intends to invest heavily in R&D and IP acquisition and manage large-scale plantations for the production of high value stevia products.

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    Stevia Nutra is dedicated to utilizing best agronomic and business practices to demonstrate the sustainability and profitability of stevia production. By subscribing to, and implementing the performance standards published by the World Bank, Stevia Nutra is committed to becoming the premier producer of the highest quality stevia. Stevia Nutra recognizes the potential this remarkable plant has to reduce the global epidemic of obesity and diabetes and promote general good health. The Company's priority will be to embrace sustainability for smarter innovation and profitable growth.



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