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  1. Default fortune industries amex (ffi).....strong buy

    strong merger whit img...market cap now only 2,3 milion last price 0.19$......img in 2011 revenue 150 milions dollars..... possible gain up 300%:top:

  2. Default

    new life for fortune industries..........Ide Management Group (IMG) was founded on the philosophy of Residents First. Owner and President of IMG, Mark Ide, spent 15 years working for non-profit social services organizations. During this time, he developed a passion to improve the care and rehab services offered to seniors. In 1997, he founded IMG located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our philosophy, Residents First, is the foundation of the company and continues to make IMG facilities leaders in the health care industry.
    IMG is a healthcare management company in the Midwest known for its successful management of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. IMG acquired its first skilled nursing facility in 1998 and quickly began its strategy of growth through expansion and acquisition. Facility operations quickly expanded throughout Indiana and Illinois, and in recent years, to Wisconsin and Iowa. IMG currently operates a total of 20 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in these four states and has more than 2,200 employees. Our focus on quality care, compliance, cost control and census led to $150 million in revenue in 2011. IMG has a team of acquisition specialists who provide support in the areas of business development, change management, clinical compliance, operation oversight, staff development, and vendor partnerships. This team seeks out and evaluates facilities for acquisition to provide for the continued growth of our company.

  3. Default

    I'm glad you are making people aware of this low floater; but you do realize that the run in September was caused by the news you posted above right?

    We played it in the chat room back on 9/20 & 9/21 and will play it again when volume hits my scanner. It could be a little while. But I know you like buying and waiting, so good luck. Hopefully it runs again one day. Would love another big gain out of it.

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    the new fortune start now....market cap 2,3 milion and revenue up 150 milion...strong buy im repeat for me possible gain up 300%:top::top::top:

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    the strong news is near big spike come soon....you ready????



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