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  1. Default MT4 EA programmer needed for simple strat.


    I have got a very simple strategy that I need an MT4 programmer to program into an EA so I can backtest it.

    If you are interested in programming in for me for cash then please pm me. I will require a non disclosure doc to be signed. I can give you the 'rules' of the strategy so you can quote me, I will just leave out one tiny thing which will mean the stategy will not work.

    It is extremely simple and I would imagine a decent programmer could get the job done in 1 hour or less. I don't mind if you use the strategy yourself to generate profits for yourself only however if you distribute it I will take action! lol.

  2. Default

    If you dont have anyone pm me.

  3. Default

    thanks I got someone 'working' on it.

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    Why didn't you just use one of those builders?



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