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Thread: Favorite Blogs?

  1. Default Favorite Blogs?

    I did a search for a thread like this and didn't find it so I thought I would ask the group - What are your favorite trading blogs? How about forums? (besides this one of course!)

    I am a little bit of a n00b and looking for some good trading blogs, but the majority of them seem to move very slow or have little readership. Are forums the dominate meeting grounds in the trading niche?

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    I think it would be bad form to suggest competing forums (fora?) here, where Thierry is attempting a commercial venture.
    I don't read any blogs, trading or otherwise, so I can't help there.

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    This is the only "forum" that I have found thus far. All others are some weird-homegrown-social network-junk. I guess competing forums would be:


    The problem with all of these (IMHO) is that they are disorganized or are hard to navigate because they are not standard forums like this one. Another thing I am not keen on is the size of some. Some like SocialPicks is cool, but seem very very small, and others like WSJ are just to damn big to know anyone...

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    elitetrader.com is the big daddy. There is more valuable trading content in there than in any book you will ever read. Find the pros. They may be a bit grizzly and short on "fluff", but will donate their precious time in your education if you prove deserving.

    tradersconsortium.com is technically intense if you have an intermediate or better understanding of system mechanics

    oanda.com has some very informative folks in the forums. It is user friendly for a nooob and provides educational stimulation for a pro.

    millenium-traders.com will make you money if you listen carefully.

    traderslog.com is a superior forum in content and topic. It has the same layout as this, but tends to pull many seasoned traders.

    I post on all the above to some degree. For those who wish to learn and are willing to do the necessary work, tips and mentoring come freely. To those looking for the pick of the week, go read Money Magazine.



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