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    The Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq all pretty much look the same. RSI values are below 50, they have clear downtrending channels, and they are somewhat oversold. Below are the pictures for additional information including a recap of all of last week's trades check out today's blog post at:http://goo.gl/fb/VaEiE

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    Gonna be an interesting week, no doubt. I'm gonna be playing oil all week, along with tech which I think will underperform.

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    It should be way higher...the stagnant GDP and Employment are holding it down. I have been long for awhile, dead money. Hasnt gone up or down really.

    I think that with 2 more years of Obama, long oil will be a good position, if employment picks up. weekly timeframe, dunno if you are going to get much movement other than intraday.



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