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  1. Default NDYN Naerodynamics Inc

    .04 to .08 taking on new highs. Low float and definitly watching with dripping teeth.
    Doing my DD now. I'm looking for the classic P&D but don't see it.
    Its hit close to n.08 a few times the last 3 days and continues to recover.
    Next dip below .06, I'm in. If not bump for yall that are in!

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    The 6 million float and chart makes this a great play all by itself…Add potential news with an already reputable company on top of that and we are facing some blue skies.

    A bit more DD for those of you that want to truly understand the actual potential

    What NDYN does is contract Telephone Companies to allow NaeroDynamics come in and run their software, which maximizes the contracted company’s potential AND saves them about 10% of their operating costs.
    NDYN provides continuous performance improvement, financial management and business information solutions for telecommunications companies as well as large corporate enterprises that utilize significant telecommunications networks.

    NDYN has the capability to cleanse and normalize large quantities of data. Its unique ECM (Enterprise Circuit Manager) proprietary software has been specifically developed to carry out end to end circuit inventory management quickly and accurately from the disparate data sets obtained from clients. This software, along with the vast hands-on experience and know-how of the NDYN team, provides an intellectual advantage that equates to the identification of significant savings, typically 15 % - 20%, (but the management team has attained as much as 40% in previous engagements), of a customers’ annual network expenditure.

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    For example,last year NDYN saved one Telco 180 million dollars and a second Telco 900 million. Some huge names have been contracted and the more companies that realize the simple, guaranteed, money saving services that NDYN can provide, the quicker NDYN will grow and prosper.

    Look at the big names NDYN has already contracted:

    PAETEC Communications . PAETEC is the 2nd largest CLEC in the U.S. with an off-net spend of approximately $860MM.
    Vialtus. Vialtus is a small UK carrier backed by a large private equity firm that is currently executing an acquisition/ roll-up strategy of other European based telecom oriented companies.
    TelePacific Corp. Telepacific Corp. is the 5th largest CLEC in the country and the largest CLEC in California and Nevada.

    Telwares. Telewares is one of the largest telecom consulting firm in the U.S. with over $1Billion in revenue and over 2000 customers.
    Some HUGE names are in there. That means more potential money for NDYN to save clients, and more money for them to make themselves! The process is tried and true, and now NDYN is truly getting the exposure it deserves as a company and as a stock!

    The Company has an extremely strong pipeline of additional potential Telecom carriers and large corporate enterprises. Some industry statistics:

    1. The total spent by corporate enterprises on Telecommunications services in 2006 was $148 Billion per annum (source Gartner Insight)

    2. North America and Western Europe will account for around 70% of the total based on market share statistics for similar markets (e.g. IT spend)

    3. This gives a target market of $ 103 Billion annually. NDYN’s target market is the top 20% of companies that account for 80% of the expenditure.

    4. The opportunity target cost base is $80 Billion per annum

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    Thanks for the cfhart.
    The skinny is a rumor has once surfaced about the company announcing news of Teleco contracts. I read about 2000 post on I-Hub that went back to March 15th at a pps of .36. The same news around the corner has been spewed all the way up to this momo run.

    Get in if you can at or below .06 soon. This rumor dies in a few day to a week, and so does the low float momno run. Take caution.

    Today 1mm shares traded above .06. All time volume day so these shares are in essence out of the free float. FF is some 5MM shares so its a good bet that this will run a few more days. I'm looking for a pullback to enter.



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