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  1. Default Trading vs Investing

    Have we had a pole to see how many members are investors and how many are daytraders.

    Today the Dow closed down .06%, so a long term buy and hold investor would be flat/ slight loss.

    By daytrading and taking advantage of the intra-day swings I am up $300 and no overnight positions to worry about.

    My longest trade was 9 minutes.

    I really do not understand investors and would love someone to explain the advantages.

    Which is best, safest, most profitable. It would be good to come to a decision to point newbies in the right direction and give them the best advice.

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    Position trading requires a lot less time and many people just dont want to sit in front of a screen all day. You can also be a position trader quite easily on a part time basis which is much harder for the day-trader.

    Safest in my view is daytrading because you will always end the day flat unless you use a market neutral strategy in which case overnight positions would be less of a concern. The longer the time frame the more benefit there is from using a SB company and then you have the tax advantage as well.

    It is each to their own as there are just as many failed daytraders as there are longer term as well. To argue which is best is not comparing like with like as it is a very different way of trading. I know of more daytraders who have given up and become position traders than the other way round. Most of them said they just couldnt handle the stress associated with day-trading which they didnt feel for longer term trading.

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    I have never traded long term so you have enlightened me once again. I leave the long term trades to my pension company.

    I think someone new to trading needs to decide how much time they can/want to spend trading before they start and which path they want to go down.

    Yes there is not just one way to trade.

    The first steps thread is very good but did not address the issue of what type of trader you are.

    More money can be made daytrading but it depends on the individuals goals.

    Not sure I agree with the statement that daytrading is less stressful, the market still moves the same whether day or position trading.

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    Yes I take your point although it wasnt me saying this as I am a day-trader, it was said by several people who gave up day-trading to become position traders and were happier in doing so.



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