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  1. Default Hi everyone I need some help

    I am very intrigued with day trading. I just dont understand it I have no Idea how to do it. I want to learn I have $5000 I can mess with day trading. The only thing i've learned is the difference between a day trader, swinger & investor. Where do I go about learning everything on how to trade and how to use the etrade platform. Thank you for anyone help and sorry im such a newb.

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    tell you what I am doing, I buy 2000 shares of ko when it is down and sell it when it goes uo 20 cents and walk away with 200 dollars. This might be done 3 times a day of course depends on market . Also like working with lnkd and amazon all depends on what is swinging.

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    While I respect what you are doing wardtom084 this guy has $5,000 not $100,000. Completely different trading styles are needed.

    Joey, first things first, you need to learn price action and how to use your platform. Try some paper trading too. StockCharts.com has a great Chart School you should check out. Also find a mentor that knows the ropes of momentum trading. I run a group aimed for those building smaller accounts. If you don't want to trade with me I can recommend a few other groups. Send me a private message if you want to discuss further. This takes time though. You won't be rich tomorrow. Just depends on how motivated you are to study & trade. Hard work pays off.

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    Couldn't agree more; crawl, walk, run then win the marathon.

    I found that going to all those free seminars you can get in your local area helped.

    Also, youtube have some good videos about technical analysis but, as with most things on the net AND forums... take it with a pinch of salt.

    The simpler you keep things, the easier it is. Don't get overwhelmed by over analysis things as this will just drive you crazy.



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