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  1. Default Sykes' Penny Stock Evolution

    He now has a new blog post explaining why he took the compensation for IRYS.


    I'm not quite sure what to think about this yet. Time will tell.

    I do suppose this still makes him a promoter since he is now taking cash for 'picks'

  2. Default

    I think he is a moron for doing it but at the same time a lot of people follow him so it could be successful.

  3. Default

    I think the people that buy what he tells them to buy are morons.

  4. Default

    I figured you paid promoters would love to have Sykes on your team. I suppose the IRYS sellers decided to screw him over for all the times he killed runs by shorting. IRYS down 29% today; too funny.

    Sykes and his :sheep: are :confused2:



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