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  1. Default Who's hotter? Elizabeth Olsen or Danielle Panabaker

    Who's hotter? Elizabeth Olsen or Danielle Panabaker (90 votes)

    Elizabeth Olsen 66%
    Danielle Panabaker 34%
    Oh yeah and feel free to mention who's the better actress I guess

  2. Default

    I'm not discriminatory, I'd get jiggy with both
    If I had to pick I'd say Danielle Panabaker but each of them is good looking.

  3. Default

    Any comments on their acting?

  4. Default

    Don't think I've actually seen Panabaker act but apparently she was in Piranha 3DD and Friday the 13th, both of which from what I can tell were shite so I'd assume she's not that amazing. Olsen automatically wins for being Scarlet Witch.



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