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  1. Default Buying gold for first time

    I was looking at websites such as http://www.monex.com and http://www.onlygold.com and http://www.bulliondirect.com and have been reading online about what to buy. People are saying gold bullion are better to buy than regular stamped gold coins. Now, gold bullion coins and gold stamped coins are the same thing, except one has a stamped value, i.e. $20, and the other does not? Doesn't gold bullion come in the shape of a round coin any ways? I would think in a time of economic crisis, a gold bar would not be of much use. I could see myself bartering with my neighbor for food and supplies with a gold coin but it'd be hard to take a knife to a gold bar and shop of a piece of it for trading.

    Any ways, I'm looking to buy an ounce of gold to start off with. I'm not an investor; I just want to buy precious metals for when civilization collapses. Are the websites I listed above legitimate shops to buy from?

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    i bought gold from http://www.coloradogold.com . But its a 5 ounce minimum. as soon as i got it home i measured it with a micrometer and weighed it. all was good. disclaimer: i m not related to them in any way nor have they asked me to post this, im just trying to help.

    good luck!

    p.s. i bought gold krugerrands and the dimensions are on their website too.

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    Why don't you just buy a gold ETF?

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    You can find better deals on eBay for bullion coin.

    Often if you find a high volume seller you can take a transaction off eBay and negotiate a non-auction price but this is for only the largest dealers out there.

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    Before you buy gold, you should ask yourself why? What are you expecting from gold, how much should you buy, and why do you want to do it?

    If it's for "end of the world" safety, then you probably want at least some of your gold to be coins at home. If you want an easier way to own gold, owning an ETF would be an easier option. If you want to trade gold, options on ETFs could be the best choice.



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