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Thread: pricing power

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    I guess i have been using this for awhile, totally unaware. I use VG as a consumer because they have no pricing power. i like CVX as a stock, because i drive past stations charging a dime more than competition across the street, and still the pumps are packed. i would never own vg stock, and never buy gas at chevron. what examples do you have in your life?

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    Wulf, examples of what? Transacting in commerce with companies whose stock you might consider (or exclude from) investing in?

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    If I had to list the companies I do daily business with, it would be groceries (or dining out at restaurants), utilities, and banks. Other signficant trading partners include levels of local government in terms of taxes or service fees. Also telecommunications (my cable tv, phone, this internet service), airlines, hotels, resorts and travel services, including car rental.

    There is also someone who mows my lawn, trims my bushes, and changes my cats' litter, but only when i am not home. Unfortunately, none of them are publicly traded!

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    I forgot about the health care services. Weekly dialysis and monthly cardiac stents. Who makes their money on that?



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