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  1. Default Cramer makes me nuts sometimes

    In this video, 9 days ago, he quotes the Fibonaci Queen, and says to Sell Apple and Buy IBM. So the next day I do just that. Sell Apple at 600 and buy IBM options.


    Now, Apple is up to 635 and IBM kept going down $2. Brilliant!

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    Less than 45% accuracy....you would be better off flipping a coin. Just goes to show...given enough occurrences directional picks start to wrap around the 50% mark.


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    I stopped watching Cramer years ago. If you must watch him though, it should be for entertainment, not real stock picks.

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    Haha. I don't know about the Fibonacci queen, but this buying frenzy in Apple is ridiculous. I hope these fools on twitter keep buying, so they'll learn a valuable lesson.

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    If you have the buying power you could sell a JUN14 565 put to protect or save the position. One for One it puts you positive 35$ with 35$ of upside protection....@ 1 put for each 2 shares it puts you about 8$ up but only 8$ more in protection.
    At 1 to 1 your break evens would be between 564 and 678 at expiration with the options being priced around an 89% probability of the stock being in that price range at JUN expiration. It would take a 2 standard deviation move to the downside and a 1.3 standard deviation to the upside to get tested.
    Doing the same for July gives a lot more but the deviations are further out also.



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