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  1. Default UNIS - seen on mad money

    I was wondering what people think of UNIS, they make a safety needle where the blade retracts after use. Have various patents and what not. The Ceo bought half a million worth of stock at the $5.00 level.

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    I've been tracking this name since early last year when Cramer first had Alan Shortall on his show. A lot of people like to criticize Cramer for the quick picks he makes during the lightning round and other caller related questions but I've noticed that when he takes a whole segment of his show to talk to a CEO or present an analysis of a company then it's probably a good idea to listen. After tracking it for over a year I decided to finally enter a position and have used the weakness over the last quarter to average into a long position with cost basis at $4.90. I like the prospects of the company, from a trading perspective it hasn't done much but I think that could all change with production about to commence.

    The way I look at it is that syringes are a relatively low cost item for hospitals and medical centers to purchase and it is a purchase that is made often so I could definitely see a good amount of orders being acquired. I figured it was good for a small spec play. I think the second half of '11 being very important for the future of this company, everyone will be watching the initial sales of Unitract closely.

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    here's a technical look at Unilife (UNIS). It appears that the $5.25 level has been a significant area of resistance for this stock and today it closed right on the dot. The last two times it was able to break that level it ultimately ran to $6. Also, you can see the 200-day SMA is sitting right overhead at $5.28 which is usually a difficult line to cross so if it can clear this area in the coming days I think it can run to $6. If it shows any weakness I will consider taking profits on all or some of my position and try to re-enter at a lower price.

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    Wow, hope I can dust off this thread, I know UNIS has fluctuated pretty significantly since this post but it seems like things are starting to heat up again, couple more deals were announced: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2863...of-a-huge-move

    • The recent strategic agreement with AbbVie could provide the building blocks for another blockbuster deal, similar to the Sanofi contract.
    • New CFO David Hastings increased share price at Incyte 20x over his tenure and we expect similar results at Unilife.
    • The blockbuster Sanofi agreement for wearable injectors is beginning in clinical trials and will possibly contribute some revenues this quarter.
    • In the prior conference call the CEO stated that the Sanofi and Hikma contracts for a total of 325 million units of Unifill per year will show revenue this quarter.
    • Big investors are starting to take notice with JP Morgan becoming a 10% owner this quarter and Frontier Capital adding 4 million shares.

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    On January 20, 2015 Unilife entered into an agreement with AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV) for the customization and supply of injectable drug delivery systems. AbbVie is set to pay Unilife a $5 million retainer for the availability of its services and products. AbbVie will be purchasing Unifill Finesse prefilled syringes and LISA reusable auto-injectors. The size and details of this project have yet to be released but it can be assumed that it is quite sizable. ABBV is a $100 billion company that produces Humira, which recorded over $10 billion in sales in 2013.

    With JP Morgan coming on board it seems that this stock has finally gotten some real recognition from some heavy hitters who now have a vested interest to ensure this stock takes off. I got in the stock at 3.10 and I see a lot of potential for it, hope this can encourage you guys to revisit it and maybe give it a second chance!



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