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  1. Default Songs I (an you) Hate to Love

    Simple Question...
    How did you come across the site?
    or rather
    What were you doing when you initially found this site?

  2. Default

    I googled Batman, I think.

  3. Default

    Searching for Battle forums.

  4. Default

    I looked up a super hero, and came across Comicvine.
    Joined the forums, then BOOM, I started procrastinating a lot, haha

  5. Default

    I use ComicRack and was looking for a way to organize it and came across ComicVine Scraper. Then I decided to fix some things that were missing or wrong and haven't stopped yet.

  6. Default

    I was killing time because i had a 3 hour interval between classes and no ride home. So i googled Battle forums and here i am.



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