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  1. Default Delta phenomenon - highs and lows

    I have been doing a bit of reading on the delta phenomenon recently and decided to do a bit of my own research. For those unclear on this phenomenon, essentially it states there are set patterns in markets and highs and lows with appear on a predictable pattern so that you can predict future market points.

    Anyway I was looking at a chart at succeeding highs and lows but then obvioulsy noticed highs and lows between these. Does anyone have a good way of picking the highs and lows. I was thinking of maybing saying it only becomes a new high if you would have been stopped out from your previous sell.

    For instance on the attached the H1 L1 combos would have probably been the high low trades. However you could argue that at L2 you should reverse/buy and then should you use the first H2 point of the second?

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    There are some t2w members who appear to be able to do this on a regular basis, but I have no idea how they do it.

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    Your language structure says it all:- "If you would have...". You're looking at a historical chart on which it is obvious where would have been the best places to go long/go short/and exit.

    I don't have a completely clear idea what it is you're suggesting, but I don't understand how looking at previous High/Low action in isolation, will help you in any way (other than in indicating very general S/R levels) determine with any usable degree of probability, when or where the next High or Low will occur.

    And as you mention Delta (and I'm not sure why in the context of your post) - Don't forget - Delta gives you probabilities of where Long, Intermediate and Short term turning points 'might' occur. The Turning Points (TP) themselves have a fairly wide date range in which to 'come true' - they sometimes 'invert' (even where they're not supposed to) and there is much 'adjustment' by the monthly newsletter editor to account for where reality got out of step with Delta.

    It's a damn good read though and it's lovely glossy paper with many, many fine coloured charts beautifully annotated (unless you've downloaded the freebie, hookie e-version you naughty, naughty boy).



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