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    Its 12.30pm and the SPXS its arround 28.85 (we will short SPY next days so we buy the SP500 short x3 ETF). We buy it with take profit:+4% and stop loss -3%


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    Lets see a scenario for tomorrow Monday SP500 open
    Lets say pre-market gives long move and we will have a bull riding.
    Thats not really that bad , we still believe that Friday's close will be lower so we can bet on it from better position and get more gains.
    So , classical technical analysis for entry (i would suggested quarter charts) is MORE tha welcome and gives a plus!

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    Buy TZA on 16.4 and following the signal (link on first post)

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    Hi , $SPX will take some rest next 2 days (technical for short term)

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    SP500 Weakness today and 1-2 days more and tomorrow after close we will know if next week we go for new highs

    useful chart for today & friday



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