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  1. Default Correction/Bounce

    Are we setting up for a correction or bounce? We seem to be oversold, JNJ and INTC reported a good quarter. Some other big companies to report this week. It appears to me we are ready for a big up day or two, but don't get to excited I do not think it will hold.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Default

    While a $INDU bounce is likely tomorrow, JNJ and INTC look like good shorts right now. In the long term however, $INDU does not look very promising at all.

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    "JNJ and INTC look like good shorts right now."

    I have been shorting INTC like crazy for months. I actually bought some long today, after shorting it down, but did not hold it very long. :biggrin:

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    i agree with INTC being a good short term short sell.. not sure about JNJ tho

    i would aggressively short financials... check out this post i put up...

    short term bounce i'd definitely count on but id put those buys in at fridays close to wipe out option expiration issues



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