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  1. Default Is net neutrality really that much of a big deal?

    Despite Ajit Pai having a punchable face or personality, I think he is right.
    1.) The nature of the internet is such that it was never neutral from the start given their tendency to groupthink along with having a mob mentality. The mob mentality against Ajit Pai is the best evidence of what I said. The internet service providers not being neutral in what data they served out will not impact the world that much given how the platforms or websites available via web are NOT neutral themselves and that the ISP's profits ultimately depends on traffic and traffic on popularity.
    2.) Prior to net neutrality laws nothing of the sort that detractors claimed would happen had happened.
    3.) Anti-trust will prevent organizations from anti-competitive practices as claimed by the detractors.
    I think Americans just mistaken their net neutrality with 1st admendment free speech laws?
    P.S: I have watched Captain America: Winter Soldier and I do think the villain was right.

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    We've done this topic to death.



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