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  1. Default Newbie Needs Research Help

    Hey guys,

    So I'm studying for my series 7 license and also looking to get my own portfolio developed.

    The problem is, no one ever shows you how to hunt down stocks that are promising or how to come across new stocks to research the company before buying/selling.

    What resources do you use for this?

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    I just use ThinkorSwim. I have a paper account. Because of that the quotes are delayed but the charts are real time. As soon as you put in a ticker you can get links to news, reports, and all that. If you don't want to go through all that trouble FInviz.com is OK too.

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    Haha...you know why they don't teach you how to research....because it means...fek-all. If you are getting your license to be an asset gatherer (investment adviser, etc.) the place you work for will tell you what to push. That's how you win the cruises and bonuses.

    Everything you can research about the most liquid stocks...is already priced in. You probably won't find some new valuation that was missed.

    As was said....use Thinkorswim if you want to learn how real trading works. You want to learn about market awareness?....watch Tastytrade.com in the morning and before the close.

    Here's an easy strategy for hunting down stocks to play on Thinkorswim. Take the S/P 500 and sort by volume, highest to lowest....ignore the bottom 100. Out of the top 400 traded stocks buy a couple of the most beaten down and short a couple of the biggest gainers (for whatever time frame you want) using the same amount of capital on each side. One thing this will teach is that ...no one knows nuthin.

    What are you getting your series 7 for? just curious. And good luck.

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    I'll have to look into those resources!
    Definitely the big problem about getting into the market is everyone shows you what the data means, but nothing about finding those stocks that are worth the time to look at, haha.

    I'm doing it just because its a career option that's being offered to me. I am family friends with a compliance officer in the industry and she's helping to get into a few wire houses to be a broker when I'm ready.

    Here's to hoping i get that 6-week internship on wall street too!

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    If you have an idea of what qualities you want in the stock you could try using a stock screener. You can use one to filter stocks by price, percent change, average volume, stuff like that. There's lots of them, so check a few out, and see if that's what you're looking for.

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    I just stumbled across a stock screener on TradeKing.com, worked out pretty well to find some good potentials.



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