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    Seems to me like all this bailing out of financials is coming around the time when the recent dollar run is starting to be reversed. Now there are stories going around questioning more fed rate cuts when the dollar run occurred under the assumption that we'd hit bottom in interest rates and were now in rate increasing environment. With WM and LEH teetering on the edge and MER and AIG looking very sick within this new environment, I think gold might be seen as a good investment again - especially as it has traded 24% off it's highs. I like to trade DROOY for it's volatility but you could just buy and hold the GLG/IAU.

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    to add a little fuel to the fire:


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    It's good if you own gold

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    Treasury debt and gold prices will do well out of the events of Sunday. You were nicely positioned - hope it works out for you.

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    I recently got into AAUK which is a mining company that also does a great deal with gold mining. Normally this stock does very well with gold, goes up and down the the same manner as gold stocks.

    For some reason this stock tanked today while gold went up... I am not able to find any news which would explain this behavior... Anyone else here holding AAUK? Why do you think AAUK is going in the opposite direction of gold today?



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