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  1. Default Stretagy into an EA

    I have good stretagy with an indicator.Please convert my stretagy into an EA.conditions for the ea are indicator gives buy ea should open buy,indicator gives sell ea should open sell.If anyone can do this job for free please contact me or reply to thread.

  2. Default

    Why would anyone do it free ?

  3. Default

    If anyone can't I have no problem.I can do my work manually.I was looked for automatic system becuase it was easy.but my system is good for me.

  4. Default

    Which indicator? Can you give more details?
    How accurte are the signals of indicator?

  5. Default

    If it works, then the system should have already generated enough money to pay for a few hours of coding.

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    that's make sense, logical measure of all.
    many coder would gladly help with EA built for not least 100 USD , have a check with mql official site there's lot of commercial coder offer their service, at affordable price.



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