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  1. Default What do you think of the new comic vine site?

    Looks nicer IMO. Still gonna take time to get used to.

  2. Default

    It's fine for now, I guess.

  3. Default

    I was almost blinded, I need the dark theme back or I am legit leaving this website. I can't handle bright colors for a long time.
    In general, I don't like it, I liked the UI design a lot better on the last layout and I am usually all for new layouts. I have always liked when social media like Instagram or Facebook changed it up but this sucks ass.
    The old layout was nearly perfect and the kind of perfect that never gets old, I don't honestly see the point in wasting time designing a new layout.

  4. Default

    Seriously give us the black screen option

  5. Default

    Everything seems to good except it doesn't give me the option to change the screen to night time.



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