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  1. Default Beginner needs opinions (thanks all!)

    Hello everyone! I'm a beginnner, both to this forum and to investing in stocks, and I could use some opinions. I just opend an ING sharebuilder account, and I am looking to start buying some low priced, large cap stocks to help build the beginnings of a long term stock portfolio to supplement my savings, 401K plan, and pension. I am 40, and with the market as down as it is, I consider this a great buying opportunity, in other words, a great time to enter the market, probably the best since I've been old enough to buy stocks.

    I have done some beginning research, and have chose BAC, C and GE as three great large cap stocks to buy cheap now and hold on to for a long time. I'd love some ideas on what else to add to this list, or what you think of these three stocks - good, bad or ugly. Please keep in mind that when I say I'm looking for long term stocks, I'm talking 10 years plus. Thank you all in advance!

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    My suggestion is to inform yourself with the threads on this site. There is much info here to from which to glean. Also, stay on top of the news and the sectors that appeal to your type of investing. What used to be standard operating procedure is no longer. From what I have learned, even more so recently, buy and hold is not the best way to go. You may want to change your style with the times.

    As for your particular picks, I have no idea what to tell you.

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    I agree that buy and hold is not the way to go...

    Anyone who bought stocks in mid-1929 and held onto them saw most of his or her adult life pass by before getting back to eve

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    I copied this post from another forum that I like to read. the author is somebody named John Welsh.

    "At some POINT the DOW will hit 6,000 and the S&P will hit 600. I believe that the market is not even half way de-levered. Commercial Real Estate is going to get absolutely DESTROYED come January. There is no one who will step up next year to get a new lease or buy a mall. The land will sell, for a huge discount, and that is IT. REITs will not pay dividends next year, and all because they are getting debt extenstions now does not mean bankrupcy is not coming. Bankrupcy is coming for a majority of REITs.

    2009 will be the year of CREDIT CARD destruction. Meredity Whitney is 2000% right, when they cut of the consumer credit line over $2 trillion dollars lots of retailers and consumers going to suffer.

    2009 will be a year of REFORM. I don't think banks will get destroyed like 2008, but I still believe tons of regional banks are going to get absolutely DESTROYED and go to ZERO.....with an outside shot of one of the big three PIGS WFC, JPM or BAC needing to cozy up to Obama and suck his kneecaps for emergency money.

    Unemployment is going to 10%.

    The second half of 2009 won't be as bad as the first half. However, there will be tons of REFORM and REGULATION that will keep negative growth for at least the first three quarters of 2009.

    Real Estate may fall another 15% to 20% this year before it hits bottom.

    The dollar is going to become worthless towards end of 2009. You want bailouts? You got to pay the price, and the dollar is going to be sacrificed on the alter of slaughter.

    As far as ultrashort positions like SKF, SRS, EEV - there will always be nice TRADES in them buy buying the dips and selling the rips. SRS looks like an easy double from here for 1st QTR 2009.



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