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  1. Default Greatest Acting Performances you've ever seen

    Simple, what is the best piece of acting you have ever seen? It doesn't have to be a well known actor/actress or a well known film.
    Any film or television program will work.
    Share the scene or a link to it here.
    I'll start off. Everybody in Mystic River was great in their own right but Sean Penn in this clip.....Yea

  2. Default

    Great acting by both actors and also my favorite scene in this movie. I'm a bit biased tho since this is my favorite movie.

  3. Default

    I absolutely love this scene, one of the best acting I've ever seen.

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    Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. The last scene in Rambo: First Blood. And people say Sly can't act.

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    I always thought Stallone was a great actor. His performance in the most recent Rocky films were on point also



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