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  1. Default The elphant in the room, over fitting

    expert system developers,

    one of the biggest challenges of building mechanical systems; is whether the system you built has an edge; or simply is curve fitted.

    some tools i am using personally are:
    - out of sample test
    - bootstrap statistics
    - forward test (aka paper trading)

    what are your thoughts and experiences?

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    Hey Alpha

    anyone who has worked with me knows I am not the worlds most proficient MT4 programmer and certainly not the worlds most patient EA developer/collaborator

    For me I like to focus on testing systems in that area where they are by definition most weak, ineffectual and exposed to losses

    so for a trend based system I will focus on "chop" and flattish market periods and see how it performs during that time in terms of signals/drawdown/losses

    Once you have a system that has your "back" (defensive mode) then the rest should take care of itself

    for me its defense defense defense before anything else

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    I'm almost tempted to post a sensible reply !

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    some of the best comment on this area i have read is in 'way of the turtle'.
    plain english and not much math - that may or may not be a reccomendation.

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    ALL systems are essentially curve-fitted.

    a: You make a general observation about the market.
    b: You formalise the observation into a set of rules.
    c: You try out those rules, and test using differing parameters giving optimal returns.
    d: You re-test against different data, or forward test.

    I concur with andrewdbs recommendation of the Way of the Turtle.
    The book has a chapter on optimisation.

    System designers should spend more time on robustness.
    That is, if a system creates a radically different return by changing parameters just slightly, be very wary, it is most likely curve-fitted.

    A good system should generate similar returns even if you mess about with the given parameters, within reason.



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