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  1. Default AREM-Whats the hold up?

    Wow Ive been watching this stock closely every day as of late it usually moves around say .28----.32 but as soon as congress passes that bill (HR 6160) expect this stock to go crazy. Some Pump and dumper will probably screw it up but this company has real potential. They have a way to distribute those rare earths that the military's (contractors needs) for assembling those high speed weapons america uses. I only wish congress would speed up the pace when it came to legislation. They spend more time running and campaigning then they do sitting in on a session of congress/senate. Anyhow I am curious what anyone else thinks. I am holding right now but as soon as it hits .28 ---- .2859 Im buying several thousand more shares. Also as a more secure stock BLDP Ballard is testing a new Proton Exchange Unit that is capable of running 600 homes or more and producing 1 megowat of power with with the only bi-product being water and heat. Hydrogen power is a green and we all know how greens the next bubble. However Im sick of the wait. PLus Ballard is showing 3rd and is on track for more 4rth Q profit why hasnt their volume gonew up considerable? Any ideas?

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    Check out the recent 10-K/A. Only 23,000,000 commons, but fully diluted it looks like 128,000,000 with preferreds. Also notice that all consultants are being paid in shares, some as much as 70,000 shares or $10,000 worth of the convertible preferred shares a month. Thus Commons are going to get seriously F'd at some point in the future.

    Also what does AREM really have? They just changed business plans in May. Are they going to buy the REE from miners to process? What equipment do they have to process this stuff? Do they have any clients lined up to buy? How long before lame duck Senate gets to that bill; if at all? First is the Bush Tax Cuts. Besides they have to agree with it, I mean the fast growing REE indsutry will be regulated more heavily soon.

    In my opinion the insiders here are looking to get into a business that investors don't know much about (emerging market/hot trend) and pump the crap out of this to raise the share price. Thus when it comes time to dilute it won't look so bad.

    This stock may retest those lower levels .10-.15 by years end before getting a serious boost of PR's early 2011.

    BLDP is a much safer bet. Hell its only traded between 1.68-1.84 in the past month. Not much volatility. Much more stable company that has a chance. Solid investor base with Funds/Institutions owning 33% of company. Includes PowerShares Wilderhill Clean Energy & Prescott Group (recently bought almost 500,000 shares)

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    Ya got me looking too. Looks like your bill passed on the 28th down party lines. A pro Dem vote. What gives. Makes me leary when its split like that.


    I agree ballard is a better choice. But does it really work. H2 is big buzz plays now.
    HLNT anyone. They just can't bring home the big LOIs and sales. but Dealerships are growing big time. growing revenues just reported.

    I'd love to own a Ballard

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    Nice run today. The entire Reare EWarth sector is alive. This was a no brainere weeks ago



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