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  1. Default How do you time the market?

    I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but wanted to get feedback from others on this.

    How do you time the market?

    It is insane how many techniques and strategies there are for doing this. It is really challenging to tell what works and what doesn't. Do you know of strategies that are backed by good results and research?

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    I don't time the market. I look at individual stocks and work them. What bounces gets bought low and sell it when it gets to where I want it.

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    I used to use a stopwatch, but now I can use the clock app on my iPhone for that.

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    sorry I just couldn't resist it.

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    I think this is a broad question and really comes down to finding a strategy and time frame that works for you. I mean are you looking to invest for years or day-trade in seconds or minutes? Your market 'timing' will depend on what you are looking to do and your strategy which evolves around that. I adapt my strategy based on current market conditions. Sometimes we get great swing trade setups to hold a few days and other days its just fast scalps. You won't figure it out overnight. It will take some time for you to read the markets and find a way to play it your way.



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