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    I was wondering if anyone had information on The Trading Zone? I have gone to the website, thetradingzone.com and it has caught my interest. I have been told (3rd party), they call live trades (free) throughout the day with a good deal of accurrancy. For whatever reason, I am having a hard time following the dots as to where they are? Would appreciate any info you might have and where they can be found (im sure its probably staring me right in the face). lol

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    GregW here from thetradingzone.com
    Yes you are correct we do have a free and open chat room and yes we do call live trades all day long.
    Every trade is called on voice and then is typed into the chat, so that it is time stamped and on record.
    We do this so that we can introduce traders to our style, if they are interested they can look at our other services we offer, if not they can remain in the room to learn more, or move on.
    Feel free to stop by, there is no cost or obligation, just great trades, great traders and a great trading community.
    Hope to see you there

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    Oops I forgot to answer the question, our chat room is on paltalk under Business and Finance / Day Traders/ TheTradineZone Emini Trading
    Greg W

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    I am curious to know if their r any new members, old members who have a completely unbiased opinion of the Trading Zone. I have seen the room on Paltalk and they do call live trades . I am very interested in this room but would really like a couple of more opinions. They are having their last webinar of the summer this Saturday. So any thoughts before then would be very helpful. www.thetradingzone.com Thankyou



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