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  1. Default I have very healthy Bears (4 Cubs)

    My Bears do everything in a big way

    My Bears do everything in a big way

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    Cool! Two sows, I presume?

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    No, I didn't resize the picture. There's a scroll bar under the picture. Move it to the right.

    Its 4 cubs and a sow.

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    I see all five, but she didn't mother all four, correct? I have never heard of such litter personally. The two on the left seem to be a little larger. Have you tried the video option? I really like getting the 10 second clips personally, it is nice to see what they are doing and sometimes catches the lead animal too, whereas a pic is sometimes slow to react and misses some of the group.

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    Reconyx cameras don't have video but do have the fastest trigger time and frame rate of any camera on the market. That's why National Geographic used them. The lead animal is the cub.

    Yeah...I think all 4 are hers. I've never seen it before but there it is. I had a litter of three a few years ago.....but 4 is phenomenal.



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