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  1. Default Bain Capital sends more jobs to China, Romney profits

    This is close to home. Sensata is in Freeport a small town just west of here.

    Bain Capital moves 170 jobs to China where workers earn 99 cents an hour 12 hours a day 7 days a week living 3 to a small room

    The American flag was taken down at the plant when Chinese workers came for training

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    I don't like to see people lose their jobs, or to see jobs go overseas. I don't like Romney all that much either. But to quote the article "Bain Capital was formerly run by Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. " (emphasis is mine). I believe it is needless to bash him with this though. Don't see the point at all.

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    I think a better question is, why is it cheaper to do business overseas? When Obama requires employers to provide medical insurance for every employee, who can afford to stay? When all the red tape and over regulation makes it impossible to business here, who would stay? When the Occupy crowd tries to send a message that profit and industry are bad things, and corporations are evil, why should they stay?
    Why don't you start your own business and run it however you want to run it? If you have a passion and a good idea, and can get over all the bureaucratic nonsense, you can hire all the people you want and pay them whatever you want. Build your own castle, don't just tear down someone else's

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    I WANT a leader that has experience streamlining things. If our government were run more like a private business we would be far better off.



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