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Thread: New rifle

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    I ran across a never fired, used. Remington 700 tactical in 223 yesterday.
    I couldn't resist for a couple of reasons.

    I don't care for AR style guns. I'm too old to be playing Rambo but if there is ever another stab at gun restriction, I think it will start with Ammo.

    I can always buy black market 5.56. (Yes, its pretty easy to buy from Military people).

    It's a fairly accurate round especially handloaded.

    It's low recoil and this heavy barrel gun makes it more so.

    I have a Contender barrel in 223 so I'll have some interchangeability.

    I ordered a Redfield 6-18 44mm Varmint scope which IMO is one of the better deals in economy, high power scopes. Since my eyesight goes to he!! when my sugar goes up or down, it will at least let me have a better chance at a good hit.

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    Excellent addition! Congrats.

    What trigger does it have?

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    The X Mark Pro.
    I haven't adjusted it yet and it's a tad heavier than I like (Just under 4 pounds) but breaks like glass.

    I think it will be good once I lighten it some.

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    After doing a little reading on the trigger NM, if it doesn't adjust the way I like I'll probably install a Rifle Basix. I have one of the target grade ones on my Weatherby 270 and love it.

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    I wish I had chosen the WBY 270 instead of the 300 WBY --- but the 300 was what Remington offered (in 1993 IIRC) in their classic --

    That said the WBY rounds are excellent albeit very expensive ammo



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