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  1. Default Rimm Screams Buy to Me

    Rimm is looking very cheap right now at 65.76. It's consolidating on the chart and it's flirting with the 200MA. RSI is around 40 and isn't the gap down from a couple ago going to have to get filled soon ? Not to mention that the fundies look good... I"m think about getting a small position right now. Any thoughts ?

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    I like RIMM here and would endorse that trade with a goal of 70.

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    Rimm is currently bouncing around the 50% fib retracement in a downtrending channel. A break of 65 is a stong short signal to me. A break of 68 would be short term bullish but I don't think the risk/reward is there in this trade except to the short side if it breaks support, and then only for a short term trade.

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    The candles look horrible. Yesterday's "Dark Cloud Cover" is enough to keep me away, except as a juicy short candidate. And no, downside gaps don't have to fill, in fact I would be surprised if it didn't gap down further from here.

    Damaged goods. Don't buy it.

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    i do see the dark cloud cover, however i do like the fundies. I might wait a little and see what happens, then buy for a long position.

    thanks a lot for the input

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    At some point it probably will fill the gap above - no telling when that will happen though



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