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Thread: Stsa

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    This stock should have a good day tomorrow is has crossed 10MA and 30MA on the 5m,15m and almost the 30m chart. also closing in on the 15m 200MA the 5m 200MA is holding support. look for a pop soon.

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    You posted this at almost the same time as todays sell off. How do you think STSA will react?

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    It does look like a high volume capitulation move just happened on it. I agree to keep an eye on it for a long side bounce or move.

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    Watch for the reversal on STSA tomorrow.

    intra-day descending wedge on Friday... usually descending wedges are broken to the upside and negate the entire move they made to form it.

    I'm not 100% on this one but I'm pretty sure.

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    The high volume is another indication along with the gap down. If I'm right it should have an up day equal or engulfing Friday's price. It may pull back from there which would be the entry point on a pull back. It may gap back up and make an island reversal... either way... the I think the bottom is in.

    It had some bad news and missed earnings.. it's due at least for a dead cat bounce.



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