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  1. Default Finding a mentor to teach me the trade

    I believe I have the basics of stock trading under my belt but to gain a more extensive knowledge of trading strategies I feel it is imperative to learn from others who could be considered "professionals".

    So my question is how should I go about this without trying to land a job with a big trading firm? I am about to graduate college and would love to learn how to day trade for a living versus working the fun 8-5 job. However, I know how many traders fail to achieve this goal and can be a risky career decision if you don't know what you are doing.

    Do most of the traders on this forum day trade or swing trade for a living or is it just a hobby?

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    See the recent posts in "learn how to trade" threads

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    I both swing trade and day trade.

    You can start your edumacation by googling every combination of day/swing/position-trading. Then you can go to a bookstore and read every book on trading there for free. After that, you can look up every stock trading forum and see what every person who has something to say on the subject. And lastly, make sure you have a lot of money to start as like in a card game, you have to be able to pay to play.

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    You can try paper trading your ideas before using actual $$$.

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    In my opinion, paper trading is a waste of time. You can never get the real emotions of trading when you are using fake money. You have to have real money on the line to duplicate the emotions of trading, and emotions are 90% of the game.



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