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Thread: Fre & fnm

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    ue to one rating agency stating these stocks are worth zero the price falls %20. What does everyone here think? In my experience when a stock price falls this much without numbers to back the drop the stock usually bounces back.

    Im just looking at it from my past experiences and these two may not fit the mold.

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    No one wants to touch this? I have read alot of thoughts thinking buy buy buy, and no way. Call me a bone head but I bought today, excited to see where this goes.

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    As long as they are owned by the gov't they will be running.

    Usually it's better to buy the sell ratings and sell the buy ratings because the ratings are based on performance over x time.

    I haven't looked at a chart yet but I bet it went down to some kind of support after they downgraded it.

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    There is plenty of support on both charts, but I don't want to get in it in a free fall... I want to see some consolidation that isn't a bear flag at this point.

    fre major support .60

    fnm major support also .60

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    There may be bounces off of minor support but .60 is the spot where risk can be minimized, because the stop is really close if it fails



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