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  1. Default Any good investing books, sites, links, and tools?

    What investment books, sites, videos, and tools would you wish you knew about before you started investing? Things you wish you knew about that could have saved you a lot of time and money when you first started out. I'm brand new to investing stocks and wanna start off on the right track.

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    That's a pretty broad question. Do a quick search on the forum and you'll find a few good new investor threads. But what are you trying to accomplish? Are you investing long-term in stable companies or index funds? Or do you want to actively manage your accounts and trade more frequently. What kind of returns are you seeking, how much are you starting with? We need a little more information to get you started on that right track.....

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    I would suggest:


    It has a lot of resources on learning how to trade. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    As a student preparing for the CPA exams with little time to work a normal 9-5 I have only about $1000 to work with. So I want to actively manage my accounts and trade more frequently with hopes for bigger and faster gains. I've been reading/ learning a lot these past few weeks from knowing virtually nothing to basics like options, calls, puts, shorting, fundamentals, valuations, tech analysis, resistance, support, moving averages, bollinger bands... etc. But even with all that I've learned I feel like I'm not nearly ready to make profitable trades with real money. I still feel like I don't know things that other experienced investors do. Can I realistically turn $1000 into anything besides zero?
    How did every body else start?

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    You could have made $400 off $1000 today if you would have played FNMA with us. That's what I do. I help traders realize they can make money without a lot of effort. Sure there is a learning curve, but once you have the basics down, you'll start to see the 'setups' on your own. The key for trading is the use of technicals, not so much fundamentals as we are trading against other traders; so knowing how to determine when a stock is about to pop is all that really matters. I cover all this in my seminars and trade recap videos + offer one on one help as needed. If you are serious about learning to trade; send me a PM and I'll set you up to check us out for a few days. You can drive yourself nuts reading book after book, and studying strategy after strategy or you can learn from a full time trader. The choice is yours. Good Luck whatever you decide to do. Either way I'll answer as many of your questions as I can!



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