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  1. Default Long WPCS ( Bitcoin)

    I've been watching this one for a while now because there are really only 2 bit coin tradeable companies. WPCS purchased BX Trader in December. BX Trader is supposed to come on line in the send quarter.

    The volume has been steadily picking up on this one and has formed a nice base. I went long this morning at 1.62 I have a stop at 1.50 This is more than a 1 day hold, I'd give this a week or two.

  2. Default

    This company has been bordering on criminal behavior. Read this...

  3. Default

    I'm not an investor, I deal with trades. Today the stock is gapping on news.

    I think most Marijuana stocks are scams, I think the federal reserve is a scam, I think investing in this stock market is a scam, but if I worried about the long term, I'd never make any money.

  4. Default

    Made 20% on this trade, sold at 1.85

  5. Default

    Nicely done, main1event!

  6. Default

    I'm not sure I would trust this company, but 13 cents in 1 day is indeed a nice profit. Can't argue with that. Congrats!!



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