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  1. Default GCLL is your fast moving giant today!

    You ready for the next hot one? Put GCLL on your radar now!
    Green companies are definitely going to be among the biggest long-term winners of the future. That’s why I’m always looking for a cheap stock in the green sector, a sector I think is dripping with small caps that are future gems. Tonight I've got a very interesting and unique play that has a habit of rewarding traders. Today's alert is GCLL – GreenCell.

    GreenCell is a development stage company, engaging in developing gas system and appliance igniters, oxygen sensors, fuel cells, and brake pad products primarily for original equipment manufacturers, manufacturers, industry distributors and resellers that operate in the home device, automotive, heating and cooling, and medical industries.

    There’s a lot of amazing things going on with GCLL so I'll break it down to keep it from getting too confusing. The reason it sounds complicated is because GCLL has developed a brand new technology that could be used in various different industries and products. I think that means the potential is enormous, since their technology seems like it will be in huge demand across a wide variety of industries.

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    That means GCLL stays diverse and isn't as vulnerable to the up and down swings of one industry.
    This is a company that has found a new way to make fuel cells! This new technology could be far more efficient, and this may make traders go absolutely insane for GCLL causing some potentially enormous gains.

    The company has a revolutionary technology and is partnering with SenCer Inc. to develop, commercialize and market SenCer's UltraTemp ceramic composite materials. This material will have a number of applications in the home and transportation industries. A few of the many applications for this technology are SOFC fuel cells, igniters, braking systems, oxygen sensors, and ceramic heaters.

    Their site has a great video explaining it and a lot of good info: http://greencellinc.com/

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    It its recent press release, General Automotive Company (OTCBB:GNAU.OB), a North American provider of parts, accessories and advanced technology for the automotive industry is announced that its Joint Venture partner GCLL has developed a new ceramic seal system for automotive oxygen sensors, the first commercial application will be as an intermediary seal between automotive ceramic sensors and the metallic housing they are sealed in.
    Home fireplace igniters are one market. GCLL’s partner SenCer has already had discussions with several original equipment companies for the ceramic igniters. They expect to rapidly commercialize the UltraTemp™ igniter and there is an estimated $600 million dollar global market for this industry need.

    This not so sexy sounding niche is ripe with profit potential.
    There are an estimated 4 million gas fired furnaces produced by manufacturers each year. The igniters for these units cost $8 to $10 each. The igniter market for just new gas furnaces (which is only a small part of the overall igniter market) is $32 to $40 million within a total igniter market of approximately $600 million per year.

    GCLL will be offering an advanced ignition and sensing system. GCLL's design will make home energy systems up to 30% more efficient.

    Auto sensors are another potential market. Around the world, automobile manufacturers produce more than 70 million vehicles a year. For now, each vehicle has an average of 2 oxygen sensors in each bank of cylinders but air quality legislation keeps mandating tighter and tighter emission controls and the number and complexity of oxygen sensors is increasing. Recent legislation in the US doubled the number of oxygen sensors in each vehicle.
    Talk about a rapid growth market, the size of this market virtually doubled overnight!

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    Oxygen sensors are used to control the fuel and ignition systems to optimize a car's performance in the areas of emissions and fuel economy. Sensors are located before and after the catalytic converter to check on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The sensor sends signals to the car's on-board computer, which can then adjust several variables, including air/fuel ratio and timing, in order to bring the engine into the optimum operating range.

    As vehicles age (reaching about 80,000 to 100,000 miles), every oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. GCLL estimates that the global market for oxygen sensors including original manufacturer demand and the replacement aftermarket is more than $8 billion a year in sales and growing.

    The next growing market for GCLL is fuel cells. Fuel cell technology is being pulled out of the lab into the market by concerns over climate change, air pollution and in the US at least worries about the dependence on imported fuel.

    As a technology fuel cells are highly efficient, offer a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and are modular, allowing a scalable approach to increased power requirements. Currently, fuel cells are relatively expensive (because they contain platinum). There are also a number of unresolved issues related to codes and standards, fuel infrastructure and distribution.

    Even with unanswered questions, over the past three years the industry has seen an annual growth rate of 59% in fuel cell units delivered. Fuel Cell Today estimates that the current global manufacturing capability for fuel cells is over 100,000 units per year, with a quarter of this coming from companies whose business activity is exclusively the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

    With the UltraTemp core technology, GCLL offers a solution to fuel cell stack design and delivers solutions to several major problems. GCLL's design could be a low cost solution that does NOT rely on platinum and comes with high life expectancy. High temperature bonding of the different layers allows for rapid start-up and a high output potential that is several times higher than the current technology.

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    Getting to profitability requires a good plan and GCLL has a very detailed master plan that I believe could catapult them to Wall Street stardom.

    Because SenCer already has nine years of development in the core UltraTemp technology including years of research in ceramic heaters, oxygen sensors and fuel cells, a prototype could be fully ready for testing in as little as six months. Under an initial development program with New York State, the proof of concept has been completed and device fabrication using the technology has proven successful.

    The company is working right now to protect its intellectual property. Preliminary patent reviews of the core technology and potential devices developed from it, shows that several new patents related to the technology could be awarded.

    GCLL seems to have some potential sales channels open in the home fireplace industry. SenCer has already been approached by manufacturers who want to take advantage of the UltraTemp material. Homeowner insurance companies are also interested in the development of a low-cost safety sensor based on the same technology.

    GCLL is offering licensing opportunities to all of the major oxygen sensor manufacturers. The company also has the ability to manufacture the sensor package internally and deliver products to market through existing sales channels.

    GCLL has issued at least three announcements about its technology in the past six weeks. More could be on the way since they seem to be close to making a major breakthrough in MULTIPLE areas!
    GCLL closed about 30 cents a share, giving it a market-cap of about $10.7 million. I love small market-caps, as the way I see it, the smaller the market-cap the bigger (and faster) the potential for gains. In fact, I think market-cap is what truly predicts which-stocks can move fast. I think a $10 million 30 cent stock will move a lot faster than a 10 cent $50 million stock.

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    There’s a lot of amazing things going on with GCLL so I'll break it down to keep it from getting too confusing. The reason it sounds complicated is because GCLL has developed a brand new technology that could be used in various different industries and products. I think that means the potential is enormous, since their technology seems like it will be in huge demand across a wide variety of industries.



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